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5:27pm 06-12-2016
i have been deeply engaged in parapsychology research having published papers in the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research (London), Research in Parapsychology (USA) besides papers on shamanic trance possession (USA).

i shall be visiting Sheffield to meet my son (a Bristol Univ graduate, who works at Rolls Royce) during last week of June and first week of Jul this year.

would be interested to know what you folks do and also share my experience/ studies in the area. thank you.
9:39pm 05-14-2016
I saw a ghost behind Mosborough comprehensive school in the early 70s which I believe could have been the White Lady,my girlfriend at the time saw it as well but neither of us said anything to each other as it was so frightening and it was only sometime later that we mentioned it to each other.It was definitely a woman though certain aspects of her body made her terrifying.
9:03pm 04-16-2016
Martin Tapsell
Hi - I am finishing off a book on haunted cinemas - the first ever! A Google search came up with a SPS visit to the Adelphi, Attercliffe, but not mentioned on this site, but the Abbeydale is. No link to a visit report but would include if had details. Lived in Sheffield 1965-66 as student.
10:45pm 02-21-2016
Always thought there is something beyond this world.Love high-tech equipment used looking for evidence of the paranormal.
2:08pm 12-06-2013
mary nortcliff
what a wonderful sight actually did not know Sheffield had a paranormal investigation team based in Sheffield.
10:04pm 05-27-2013
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